Who Needs Facts? Associated Press Caught in Yet Another Bizarre Denial of Mercury in Vaccines

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by Mike Adams


It seems that even Associated Press writers have been so utterly propagandized by the corrupt vaccine industry that they can’t tell truth from lies anymore. An AP story authored by Gosia Wozniacka and published yesterday on Yahoo News repeats an oft-repeated vaccine industry lie, claiming that mercury has been “phased out” of all vaccines.

“The CDC has phased out a mercury-containing preservative in vaccines as a precautionary measure,” claims the Associated Press story. Unfortunately, that’s simply not true. The claim is utterly false, even according to the CDC itself.

As Natural News has extensively documented in articles like this one, even the CDC openly admits mercury is still used in vaccines. In fact, the CDC vaccine additives page, found here, repeats this admission that mercury is still used in vaccines.

Furthermore, I have independently tested a flu vaccine in the Natural News Forensic Food Lab using ICP-MS instrumentation that’s sensitive to parts per billion across all heavy metals. In these tests, I found an astonishing 51 parts per million of mercury in a flu vaccine. That’s over 25,000 times the EPA’s maximum allowable concentration of mercury in drinking water. (That same test also found 0.4ppm of Aluminum in the flu shot.)


To my knowledge, I am the only journalist in America who runs a private ICP-MS laboratory. You would think that if the AP was really interested in whether there’s mercury in vaccines, they would hire a laboratory to run the tests and find out what the science really says.

But as we’ve all come to find in recent weeks, when it comes to reporting on vaccines, the mainstream media believes fact-checking is never required. After all, if anybody actually checked the facts on vaccines, they would find the fact diverging quite radically from the science-pimping propaganda that falsely claims “all vaccines are safe and effective.”

When it comes to reporting on vaccines, the entire mainstream media knowingly lies because it dare not report the truth about vaccine dangers

It is especially fascinating to note that the vaccine propaganda has reached such a fanatical fervor across America that even Associated Press writers are now blindly repeating the vaccine industry’s most persistent lies. What we are dealing with here, friends, is a nationwide epidemic of mercury denialism combined with the total abandonment of all the children who have been severely damaged by vaccines.

The delusional status of media writers has now become a serious integrity crisis for the entire mainstream media – an institution that’s losing more credibility with every single dishonest vaccine story they publish. Much of what you read about vaccines now in the mainstream media is nothing more than lying media sources quoting each other’s fabricated lies in a ridiculous circus of self-delusional non-logic.

When even the AP can’t get its story straight about the ingredients being in vaccines, you know there’s a huge credibility problem in the media. It’s no coincidence this same AP story also quotes government officials saying GMO and pesticides are safe, too. Sure they are. Because that’s the fabricated narrative being shoved down everybody’s throats these days under the fanatical banner of “SCIENCE!”

Vaccine skeptics are the real scientists

What’s really interesting in all this is how vaccine advocates are the ones abandoning science with their rampant mercury denialism. Believing that mercury does not exist — even when it does — is pretty bizarre. It’s arguably just as bizarre as believing the Earth is flat.

But vaccine skeptics such as myself are the actual scientists in the room: I run an atomic spectrometry lab (see videos here) using high-level instrumentation that can detect mercury and other elements. Thankfully, this instrument operates on the laws of physics, not the delusions of the propagandized masses in the mainstream media.

And because my Agilent 7700X ICP-MS instrument operates on the laws of physics rather than delusional propaganda, it detects mercury in vaccines using real SCIENCE. The Associated Press, of course, has absolutely no interest in my independent lab confirming the presence of mercury in today’s vaccines. That scientific finding doesn’t fit their fraudulent pro-vaccine narrative based on total fabrications.

Something I’ve noticed about the Agilent 7700X ICP-MS instrument is that, unlike every single person in the mainstream media, it will not change its answers after being screamed at by arrogant “vaccine lunatics” who claim to represent science (while actually demonstrating total pathological lunacy). No matter how often you shout at the ICP-MS instrument “There’s no mercury in vaccines!” it will still tell you how much mercury it’s finding, down to parts-per-billion accuracy.

According to almost every single vaccine pusher being quoted in the media today, my Agilent ICP-MS instrument is a “conspiracy theorist” because it keeps telling me there’s mercury in vaccines. Go figure.

Entire mainstream media in total denial of medical reality

Beyond suffering from “mercury denialism,” the entire mainstream media is also deeply invested in the willful denial that there are a growing number of children who are damaged by the toxic heavy metals and chemical adjuvants intentionally added to vaccines.

Those additives include — according to the CDC — all the following neurotoxic substances:

* Mercury
* Aluminum
* Formaldehyde

The big lie about these additives is that they are present in such small amounts that they can’t possibly damage anyone. If that’s true, then how do you explain all these photos of vaccine-damaged children, many of which are published directly on the CDC’s own website?

A two-year-old boy devastated by a small pox vaccine. As reported by Reuters:

A two-year-old boy who developed a serious reaction to his father’s smallpox vaccination has recovered but disease detectives found infectious virus all over his house, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported on Thursday. A photo of the boy’s stomach is seen in a handout photo from the University of Chicago’s Comer Children’s Hospital.

A severe adverse reaction to a hepatitis vaccination:

A horrifying reaction to the BCG vaccine:

Severe skin reactions following vaccination:

Facial contortions and distortions following DTP vaccine:

Another innocent victim of vaccine damage:

Neurologically damaged by the DPT vaccine:

A smallpox vaccine reaction that has nearly destroyed this person’s arm and shoulder:

Another severe skin reaction following vaccination:

Extreme tissue damage caused by vaccines:

The HPV vaccine turned this normal, healthy girl into a brain-damaged victim of vaccines:

THESE PHOTOS ARE ONLY A SMALL PORTION of all those showing vaccine-damaged children. CDC officials, media newscasters and U.S. lawmakers claim all these photos do not exist, that these children were never harmed, and that vaccines cannot cause such damage at all.

They are liars. Worse than liars, they are medical mutilators of innocent children who continue to be severely damaged by toxic vaccines every single day, all around the world.

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