Are All Those White Lines In The Sky Just Your Imagination?

by Crow Tripplehorn


Once again we see the topic of chemtrails belittled and dismissed in the news. In an article published Feb. 2 2015 the idea of weather manipulation is given the typical tinfoil hat treatment with the one hand as the other hand derisively labels those who research chemtrails. The irony here is palpable as even a quick weather modification search will reveal that China openly operates a weather modification bureau and planned to use it during the 2008 Olympics. It was also reported in 2009 that China’s weather modification endeavors were responsible for a ‘crippling snow storm’. Chemtrail and weather manipulation researchers are questioning the recent snowstorm called Juno and in light of the Chinese debacle such concerns seem plausible. If China is manipulating weather does it seem likely that they are the only country that is? It should also be noted that anyone can search and find bills currently under review and bills that have been passed that deal directly with weather modification and aerosol spraying by planes. Weather manipulation via aerosol spraying is not conspiracy and any critical mind with a search engine can confirm this.

One of the common methods used to dismiss chemtrails is use of the word ‘contrail’, a shortening of the words ‘condensation trails’. If you are unfamiliar with this term it describes water vapor left by airplanes in various ways, often in the form of ice crystals. Those who research chemtrails maintain that contrails is an unacceptable explanation and report that under the same humidity levels and temperatures some planes will leave trails while others do not. There are also reports that typical commercial airliners are regularly filmed leaving no trails at all on the same days that other planes (often unmarked and at varying altitudes) are filmed leaving persistent trails. The latter trails are said to last for hours, spread out, and turn the entire sky an overcast milky white.

While the idea of chemtrails and weather modification will continue to be a point of contention, this so-called conspiracy differs greatly from other topics that carry the ‘conspiracy’ label. The difference is that anybody can walk outside, look up, and begin to observe the persistent white lines in the sky that are left by airplanes. Currently there are reports of chemtrails from nearly every major population center on the planet. In many cities sightings of planes leaving persistent trails is reportedly an ongoing and daily event. Is this true of the city you live in? If so the time has come for you to pay closer attention to what is going on above your head. In short, walking outside to begin observing chemtrails is an easy thing to do – just look up. Based on reports, videos and images from around the world it should not be long before you see evidence of chemtrails. After all is said and done we know for a fact that the US Army has already sprayed US citizens with harmful chemicals as can be seen in this article – fifty years after the fact.