Doctors: UN Vaccines in Kenya Used to Sterilize Women

The New American
by Alex Newman


Less than a year after the United Nations unveiled a sweeping population-control plot aimed at reducing the number of people in Kenya, a supposed UN “vaccine program” is under fire by doctors and Catholic bishops for deliberately sterilizing millions of women. The explosive revelations were released after medical researchers and the Catholic Church found a sterilization agent in tetanus inoculations being foisted on Kenyan women by two UN agencies in cooperation with the national government. Incredibly, it is not the first time that international vaccine campaigns by the UN targeting Third World populations have been exposed as covert sterilization and eugenics programs. Some critics have even referred to the latest plot as race-based genocide.

In a statement released last week by the Kenya Catholic Doctors Association, the medical organization said it had ordered laboratory tests of tetanus vaccines being administered in Kenya by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF). “The unfortunate truth is that the vaccine was laced with [sterilizing agent Human Chorionic Gonadotropin] HCG just like the one used in the South American cases,” Dr. Wahome Ngare said in a statement for the Catholic doctors group that helped expose the scheme after the test results came back positive. “Further, none of the girls and women given the vaccination were informed of its contraceptive effect.”

According to the organization and other medical experts, the hCG found in the UN tetanus vaccines causes women’s bodies to develop an immune response to attack the hormone, which is essential to pregnancy. So, when a woman who has received the UN shots gets pregnant, her body fights the crucial hCG — resulting in the death of the unborn child in the womb. Eventually, the supposed inoculations — pushed on Kenyan women by the UN under the guise of “preventing neo-natal tetanus” — result in permanent sterility after multiple doses. All six UN vaccine samples collected from around Kenya tested positive for the hCG antigen at independent laboratories, researchers said.

“This proved right our worst fears; that this WHO campaign is not about eradicating neonatal tetanus but a well-coordinated forceful population control mass sterilization exercise using a proven fertility regulating vaccine,” explained Dr. Ngare, the spokesman for the Kenya Catholic Doctors Association, which supports and administers vaccinations — as long as they are not laced with sterilization agents. “This evidence was presented to the Ministry of Health before the third round of immunization but was ignored.”

On November 6, the Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops released a statement signed by all 27 bishops confirming the findings. “The Catholic Church struggled and acquired several vials of the vaccine, which we sent to four unrelated Government and private laboratories in Kenya and abroad,” the conference said. “We want to announce here, that all the tests showed that the vaccine used in Kenya in March and October 2014 was indeed laced with the Beta-HCG hormone.” The bishops raised concerns about the secretive UN eugenics program masquerading as a vaccination scheme as early as March of this year, but received no cooperation from authorities.

Based on the information and findings, the Catholic Bishops of Kenya said they were “shocked at the level of dishonesty and casual manner in which such a serious issue is being handled by the Government.” The bishops said a report by the Health Ministry claiming the vaccines were free of hCG was a “false” and “deliberate attempt to distort the truth and mislead 42 million Kenyans.” The Catholic leaders also noted that they were dismayed by attempts to “blackmail and intimidate” medical professionals who corroborated the facts about the dangerous vaccine.

“We commend and support all professionals who have stood by the truth,” the bishops added in the statement. “We shall not waver in calling upon all Kenyans to avoid the tetanus vaccination campaign laced with Beta-HCG, because we are convinced that it is indeed a disguised population control programme.” The Catholic Church in Kenya is not opposed to vaccines and, in fact, operates a massive public-health network across the country that provides clean vaccines to Kenyans who request them.

Dr. Ngare, a gynecologist and obstetrician, asked that Kenyans become educated and activated in response to the ongoing atrocities. “Though the Bishops are medically lay people, they have technical advisory teams of competent specialists from every discipline, including medicine,” he said in the statement. “These teams are both local and international as the Catholic Church is global. The Catholic based and run health institutions form the largest private health network in the country and have been rendering medical services to Kenyans for over 100 years! Thus, when the Bishops speak on topical issue like the tetanus vaccination, they are talking from a point of knowledge and authority. It would be foolhardy to disregard their advice.”

“We have performed our moral and civic duty of speaking the truth and alerting the government and the people of Kenya,” Dr. Ngare concluded. “It is now up to each individual Kenyan to make an informed choice.” Multiple critics said Americans must do more to rein in the dangerous and barbaric UN eugenics scheming as well. Other organizations also confirmed that the UN vaccines were indeed being used to sterilize Kenyan women without informing them.

The U.S.-based Center for Family and Human Rights, among other groups, blasted the UN program, calling for congressional investigations in the United States into the plot. It is especially relevant to Americans because U.S. taxpayers fund the UN agencies involved, and because “partners” of the organization include the federal government’s U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and population-control zealot Bill Gates, who openly talked about how vaccines could be used to reduce the population.

“The U.S. funds UNICEF and WHO programs with hundreds of millions of dollars annually. A congressional investigation should be launched to discover the origination of these manipulated vaccines,” explained Lisa Correnti at C-Fam, adding that any “tetanus” campaign featuring involvement of population-control agencies and “philanthropists” should always draw oversight. “Did USAIDs Population and Reproductive Health personnel have knowledge of the program? Unethical and deceptive practices such as this bring further distrust from the vulnerable women and children that desperately need holistic medical care.”

Unfortunately, the explosive findings about UN population-control schemes are not new. The UN’s self-styled global “health” agency, the WHO, discovered the sterilization-via-vaccine method more than two decades ago. Essentially, it added hCG to vaccines, which resulted in abortion and sterilization among vaccinated women. The UN body fully understood the consequences. Yet, shortly after the discovery, the WHO unleashed a massive sterilization and eugenics program concealed behind a “vaccination” scheme targeting women of child-bearing age in the Philippines, Nicaragua, and Mexico. Now, in line with UN demands for less Africans on the planet, Kenya has become the latest victim.    

The news is also not surprising. As The New American reported in January, the UN Population Fund (UNFPA), which has previously been exposed helping the Communist Chinese regime perpetrate forced abortions as part of its savage “one-child policy,” had recently released a report calling for massive population reduction in Kenya. While the UN report never specifically called for a secret forced sterilization campaign outright, it did outline a wide array of population-control plots aimed at reducing the fertility of Kenyan women to 2.6 children per woman by 2030.

Separately, the Catholic bishops, citing previous UN “vaccine” schemes to sterilize women, warned about the tetanus-inoculation plot as early as March. “Information in the public domain indicates that Tetanus Toxoid vaccine (TT) laced with Beta human chorionic gonadotropin (b-HCG) sub unit has been used in Philippines, Nicaragua and Mexico to vaccinate women against future pregnancy,” Kenya’s bishops said in a statement at the time. “Beta HCG sub unit is a hormone necessary for pregnancy.”

“When injected as a vaccine to a non-pregnant woman, this Beta HCG sub unit combined with tetanus toxoid develops antibodies against tetanus and HCG so that if a woman’s egg becomes fertilized, her own natural HCG will be destroyed rendering her permanently infertile,” the bishops continued. “In this situation tetanus vaccination has been used as a birth control method. The ongoing tetanus vaccination campaign bears the hallmarks of the programmes that were carried out in Philippines, Mexico and Nicaragua.” That statement was released before lab tests confirmed the plot.

Outside of Kenya, the establishment press has virtually ignored the Earth-shattering accusations leveled at the UN. On the other hand, the news sent shockwaves through the alternative media after a report in highlighted the findings. UNICEF and WHO in Kenya were not immediately available for comment.

The amount of suffering and horror unleashed by the UN in Kenya is impossible to calculate. Millions of families will be potentially affected for generations. Americans must demand that Congress stop funding the UN and especially its coercive population-reduction apparatus. Making the American people unwitting accomplices in the crimes of eugenics and mass involuntary sterilization campaigns is unconstitutional, horrifying, and deeply immoral.

The New American