NASA’s Rover Captures Photo of Strange “Valve” on Mars

The Daily Sheeple
by Joshua Krause

mars landscape

It seems like nearly every week, there is a new report of some “strange anomaly” found on mars. It’s become so commonplace that these stories aren’t really notable anymore, and are usually relegated to some dark corner of an online tabloid. These Mars rover photos usually consist of blurry, distant silhouettes and vague creatures that look suspiciously like rocks to me.

Normally I role my eyes every time, as I have yet to see anything that is truly compelling. And despite a lifetime of being suspicious of everything the government tells me, I usually find myself begrudgingly siding with NASA on these claims of “extraterrestrial life” on Mars.

However, a recent photo of the Martian surface has left me scratching my head. Unlike previous pictures claiming to depict “sasquatch on mars” or what have you, this one is very clear and is hard to interpret as a natural feature. The website Enigmadigest was responsible for breaking the story, and they likened this device to a high pressure valve, but I’m not so certain. To me it looks more like an imprint left behind by some kind of tool. Take a look for yourself.

You can clearly see that this imprint is a perfect circle, and it contains a symmetrical pattern within it. Off to the left is a ridge with a very clean cut. My mind refuses to see this as natural in any way. It really looks like something that was made by an intelligent creature.

It’s not a fake either. You can take a look at the original photo on NASA’s website. The only reasonable explanation I can come up with, is that maybe it’s an imprint left behind by one of the Mars Rover’s tools. But if that’s the case, why haven’t we seen anything like it before?

Whatever it is, it’s unlike any Mars photo I’ve ever seen. It’s hard for me to write it up as a natural formation or a trick of the eyes. So what do you think? Is this a natural feature of the Red Planet, or an imprint left behind by the rover? Or is it something far stranger?

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