The Case That EV-D68 and Ebola Were Constituted As Bio-Weapons Directed At the American People

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by Dave Hodges

One of Sun Tzu’s strategies for war commands Generals to place their soldiers on “Death’s Ground” where they either have to successfully fight or die. The American troops fighting on Omaha Beach, on D-Day, June 6, 1944, is an example of this principle at work in history. Shortly after landing on Omaha Beach, the American casualties were so horrific and the leadership was so decimated, the American battle plan ceased to exist. The only way the American soldiers were going to get off that beach was adapt and find a way to win the battle, or they would leave the beach in a body bag. The Americans adapted, developed a new plan and fought their way inland.

sun tzuThis principle of Sun Tzu describes how and why viruses become so dangerous, as being placed on “Death’s Ground”, adapting and mutating is how a virus lives to fight another day and what makes them so difficult to treat.

The American people are in the midst of being placed upon “Death’s Ground” as well. Every facet of our life is under attack from the globalists. The human race’s right to exist is under attack from a determined enemy who serves Satan and is committed to our collective destruction.

The intention of this article is to cast light on a present set of viral cocktails and the true reasons that they were constituted in very suspicious ways.


A Warning From a Friend

I recently detailed how a recently retired FEMA friend of mine, his family and a cadre of like-minded people went into hiding in an attempt to avoid what is happening. One of the things that my friend said was that the trump card for the elite was to use a series of viruses to debilitate the population prior to the martial takeover of the country. He also stated that the ensuing vaccinations would be deadliest of all the viral cocktails coming our way.

Two years later, it would appear that my friend’s words are reaching critical mass as the recent events would suggest that an attack upon the American people is already underway. In other words, we are already at war and most of us do not even  realize it.


Why Is the Government Reconstituting Deadly Viruses?

holly living deadThe “Spanish” flu pandemic of 1918 and 1919 caused the deaths of 20-50 million people worldwide and an estimated 675,000 in the U.S. The virus had a mortality rate of approximately one percent to all who were exposed.

The 1918 flu has been described as capable of sickening and killing a person on the same day. The virus is an H1N1 Type A influenza. Symptoms of infection were similar to the regular flu, but it is actually far more severe than the typical, seasonal flu. The main dangers lie in contracting viral pneumonia leading to acute respiratory distress and subsequent death. As the reader reaches key passages below, one has to wonder if the respiratory distress from the Spanish Flu is being reconstituted in the present Enterovirus 68?

In the immediate future, our society may wish we would have followed the old axiom, “Let sleeping dogs lie”, because in an act of extreme insanity, the virus has been reconstituted, by the Center for Disease Control researchers. The reconstituted virus was obtained from frozen tissue samples from a female who died from the virus in the 1918 outbreak.

In my unqualified personal opinion, I think this is insane. Even the New York Times questions the wisdom of such an action as have many scientists.


What If the 1918 Flu Were to Get Released?

I am sure you are wondering the same thing that I was wondering as I was doing research for this article. Just how bad could the 1918 flu pandemic become if the reconstituted virus were to be released into the general population in 2014?

In 1918, the world’s population was a mere 1.8 billion people. The population of the United States was 103 million people. Today, the world’s population is 7.1 billion and the population of the United States is 310 million people. If we simply did a geometric projection of the 1918 flu, assuming a current  trend, today, it would kill over two million in the United States and about 100 million worldwide. However, pandemics do not spread in a geometric progression as the transmission would be asymmetrical.


Today, the world is a far different place than it was 100 years ago. The country and the world are far more mobile. In the event of a local outbreak, it is not likely that the flu could be contained because of air travel. Even the most astute researchers would not realize what was being dealt with until after the first several deaths. Subsequently, the alarm would not be sounded for at least one to two weeks. By then, grounding air travel and limiting civilian mobility would not make any difference. That means in the present Ebola and EV-D68 crisis, it is too late to contain these viruses. They are going to run their course, mutate, and even become more deadly.

Let me remind you, the US has only 2.5 million doses of Tamiflu. The US spends an inordinate amount of money in funding the Center for Disease Control and the National Institute of Health and it looks like a big waste of resources and money. After researching this article, I have come to believe that we waste an inordinate amount of money pretending we can turn back mother nature, when in fact, we cannot. In fact, before you are done reading this article, you should have some very serious doubts as to whether humanity is under a deliberate attack from the forces of the CDC and the NIH.

Let’s just consider that just for the sake of argument that if the reconstituted 1918 flu were to be released, chaos would reign supreme. Fear would be rampant. We have already reached that level with Ebola. Last Thursday, my son’s PE class was playing dodge ball and the kids began to yell that the ball had Ebola and the intensity of the game in terms of being struck by the “Ebola” ball greatly increased the intensity of the game.

As I previously pointed out that in previous years and under a more virtuous government, there would be decisive action taken. Clearly, in the past, a medical emergency would be declared. Emergency rooms, hospitals and doctor’s offices would quickly be overwhelmed. Air travel would be halted. The economy would be in grave danger because commerce would virtually cease due to the fact that nearly everything we buy is shipped. Home confinements would be ordered and effectively martial law would be declared. However, I am sure we do not to have worry, nobody from the Obama administration would ever find the idea of a false flag pandemic to be desirable, would they? Before you complete this article, some of you will be answering in the affirmative.

The fact is that Ebola and EV-D68 are going to take their course. There is nothing that can be done. The treason that is coming from the White House with the failure to close air travel from West Africa and to close the border, is notable and it is too late.

Just When You Don’t Think It Can Get Any Worse

Under the phrase, “What the hell are we thinking”, have you heard that scientists are using scrapings from the teeth of two 1500-year old corpses to re-create the bacteria that caused the Bubonic Plague and the Justinian Plague? What is known is that if the plague ever becomes airborne, people could die within 24 hours. Biowarfare is a potential use for this threatening organism, as would be any false flag attack.


A release of the Bubonic Plague and the Justinian Plague would produce catastrophic results and make the reconstituted 1918 Flu appear to be a mere case of the sniffles. This video paints a frightening picture. Is this what will follow the Enterovirus 68 and Ebola?


Do We Have Anything to Worry About?

Do we now know the true purpose for these coffins?

Do we now know the true purpose for these coffins?

If you only believe in coincidences, then you have absolutely nothing to worry about. However, if you believe things happen for a reason, and purpose then you might want to consider what I brought out several months ago when I mentioned that FEMA, earlier in the year, were advertising for contractors who are able to supply medical biohazard disposal capabilities, along with 40 yard dumpsters, to go with 1,000 tent hospitals across the United States. The emergency roll out of these services must be able to be completed within 24-48 hours. Don’t be fooled by the rapid rollout of resources. As I pointed out, before the authorities realized they had a potential pandemic on their hands, it would be too late to contain the damage.

Whatever, could be coming must be very big because FEMA is also seeking to obtain 200,000 doctors’ scrubs to be delivered to the 1,000 tent hospitals. That adds up to 20 extra hospitals per state. Aren’t these numbers a tantamount admission that whatever is coming will quickly overwhelm the existing medical services?

FEMA was also ordering portable showers and toilets, so these facilities would appear that they will be taking on an air of permanence. Can there be any doubt that FEMA is ramping up the National Disaster Preparedness Program? The sheer numbers clearly point to the enormous size of the coming event.


The Suspicious Worldwide Emergence of Multiple Forms of the Enterovirus 68 and Ebola

Rafal TokarzCadhla Firth, Shabir A. MadhiStephen R. C. HowieWinfred WuAmadou Alpha SallSaddef HaqThomas Briese,and W. Ian Lipkin, have all documented the sudden appearance of Enterovirus (EV-D68) in 1962. The virus seemingly came from nowhere lending credence to the notion that the virus was artificially developed. Also, it is suspicious that the virus only manifested in 26 cases that were reported between 1970 and 2005 (Khetsuriani et al., 2006). Now it is rampant!

The original clinical presentation of EV-D68 infections in the 1962-2005 outbreaks ranged from mild illness to complications requiring hospitalization and, in rare instances, death. The virus has morphed at an exceptional rate and has become very dangerous. The rate of viral adaptation is notable and does not appear to follow an expected mutation scheme. This lends rise to conspiracy theories which state that the virus was artificially developed prior to 1962 and was purposely and dramatically mutated just prior to 2005 when we began to see a dramatic rise in the number of presenting cases as well as the lethality of these cases.

The Poliovirus is composed of an RNA genome and it has manifested within EV-D68. It is only one of four mutations of the EV-D68 virus. Yet, for some reason, the Poliovirus, the most deadly, is leading the way in EV-D68 infectious cases. The odds are one in four that this development is due to chance. This fact should make every researcher ask questions. The odds of natural selection do not favor EV-D68 manifesting in its present form of the Poliovirus. It looks like this virus has had help in mutating in order to make it more deadly.

Along the same lines, Ebola also follows a very suspicious path and has a questionable past. Presently, there’s no treatment for Ebola. The most that can be done for a patient is what’s called “supported therapy”, which entails balancing fluids and electrolytes, blood pressure, oxygen, and monitoring for other infections. Like the EV-D68, the Ebola virus seemingly appeared out of nowhere in 1976, as Ebola was discovered by the Ebola River in Zaire. Just like EV-D68 there is no suitable explanation on how or why both viruses suddenly appeared and then became so dangerous.

One theory that some doctors that I have interviewed believe is probable is that many of the treatments directed towards both EV-D68 and Ebola have tried to work by blocking the RNA one-time sequencing and adaptation. These medical sources privately state that this would cause the virus to mutate in an out of control manner, because RNA only attempts to bind to a virus one time, unlike its counterpart DNA.

I have further been told by my sources that the current Ebola vaccine being developed by GSK works on this same principle. My fear is that the virus will morph from one that can infect its victims through aerosolized and close proximity airborne means within tightly contained spaces such as an airplane or a restroom, to one in which the virus can remain airborne over vast distances. If these viruses becomes airborne, in the same manner as the Flu, it will be Katie-bar-the-door as there will be nowhere that we can run and hide from these deadly effects.

The CDC Patent Is Explained

The morphing and mutation of Ebola explains why the CDC would be allowed to patent the virus. In other words, it has been artificially constituted to mutate from its original state. Therefore, the CDC was not allowed to patent something from nature, they were allowed to patent something that had been purposely mutated.

Are Vaccines Complicit in the Spread of Deadly Viruses?

In the recent briefing with my sources, I was also told that the illegal immigrant children that came into America presented with none of these RNA type of viruses IF THEY HAD NEVER BEEN VACCINATED.  Subsequently, my sources believe that previous vaccinations served as a trigger event to initiate positive replication of a virus within a host. The American public is in desperate need of qualified biologists to investigate these allegations.


Death’s Ground

natural news ebolaViruses have survived for years by being placed upon Death’s Ground. However, it is now humans that have been placed on Death’s Ground. We have a rare opportunity to expose the severe corruption in the history of the United States. There is what you know and what you can prove. The case implicating the CDC for treason against the American people is circumstantially strong. However, if we can piece together the origins of these pathogens and correlate them with the function of vaccines and the inaction of the CDC, the NIH and the Obama administration as a whole, we can wake up a lot of Americans.

Although I no longer believe that we can thwart the spread of the EV-D68 and Ebola viruses, we might be able to call enough public attention to the future viruses coming from the reconstituted Spanish Flu and Justinian’s Plague, to force a temporary retreat by the globalists.  We do not have much time to react because recent actions of the elite would suggest that we are going to be hit with wave after wave of attacks from these viruses.

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