If Ebola Only Spreads Via Direct Contact, How Did The Nurse In Spain Get Infected While Wearing Protective Gear?

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by Mike Adams


Health authorities in Spain have confirmed that a member of a medical team working in a modern hospital somehow managed to contract Ebola from a patient she was treating. As Associated Press reports: [1]

Spanish authorities said they were investigating how the nurse became infected at a hospital with modern health care facilities and special equipment for handling cases of deadly viruses.

“…Staff at the Carlos III hospital where she worked claimed the protective suits they were given were not good enough,” reports the Daily Mail. [2]

“Unnamed sources told Spanish daily El Pais the suits did not meet World Health Organisation standards. They said the suits they were issued with were permeable and lacked breathing apparatus.”

Modern health care facilities didn’t protect this nurse from Ebola

It is apparent from the reporting of this incident that:

• The nurse was wearing medical isolation gear, and she knew she was treating an Ebola patient.

• She had access to all the advantages of “modern health care facilities.”

• She was fully versed in infectious disease safety protocols and practices.

And yet, despite all these advantages, this nurse still got infected by a virus that the CDC insists can only be transmitted via “direct contact.”

Medical staff infected when removing protective gear?

As the Daily Mail reports, Dr. Ben Neuman, Lecturer in Virology at the University of Reading, has theorized that the nurse in Spain may have been infected by coming into contact while removing her protective gear:

Nurses face a problem in that a person who is sick with Ebola can make quite a lot of highly infectious waste, as the patient loses fluid through diarrhoea and vomiting.

Those bodily fluids can contain millions of Ebola viruses, and it only takes one to transfer the infection. The protective suits that Ebola workers wear provide excellent protection, but there is a danger when it is time to take the suit off. It is also possible that a tiny amount of Ebola-containing liquid splashed on the protective garments, and then was transferred to her skin while removing the protective clothing.

What Dr. Neuman is describing, of course, is infection via INDIRECT contact — a scenario that the U.S. Centers for Disease Control continues to claim is impossible.

CDC director Tom Frieden continues to publicly claim that Ebola can only be contracted from “direct contact.” This false claim is one of the five biggest lies about Ebola that the U.S. government continues to spread.

The danger in this lie is that it encourages Ebola to spread more rapidly because citizens and front line health care workers are failing to take appropriate steps to protect themselves from acquiring the virus. If the CDC really wanted to halt Ebola in America, it would be demanding that all health care workers wear full face respirators when coming anywhere near an Ebola patient. But instead, we get the mantra of denial: “Ebola can only spread through direct contact.”

Tell that to the nurse in Spain.

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