Globalists are Seeking a New World Order: Evidence You Can’t Ignore

The Globalist Report
by Andrew Puhanic



Have you ever wondered why millions and millions of people around the world are talking about the New World Order? Well, it’s because the Globalists have been publicly telling us that they are preparing the World for the introduction of the New World Order for more than 50 years.

The New World Order is defined as “the establishment of a Global Government that will make decisions based around how the “Market” should function to force you into making everyday decisions that will only benefit the Globalists, Elite and Private International Financiers”. You are not part of their plan, just someone who is in the way.

If you’re not convinced that the Globalists and The Elite are planning to introduce global government and a New World Order, watch these clips…

Henry Kissinger speaks about the New World Order

Gordon Brown makes a public speech about the New World Order

George Bush Senior delivers a televised broadcast to all Americans about the New World Order

Bill Clinton lets us all know that George Bush Senior and he agree with the New World Order

President Obama speaks in Germany about the New World Order

Speech by Franklin D. Roosevelt about Hitler’s plans for a New World Order

Dan Quayle talks about the New World Order

Still Not Convinced Yet?

If you still don’t believe that the New World Order is real, watch this video. The North American, African and Asian Unions will be created and then merged to form a global government and the New World Order. This scene is taken from a video available at, I suggest you go there and watch the whole thing. It’s about 2 hours long.

To end this post, I think it would be very appropriate to hear what George Carlin has to say about the New World Order. As I’ve said in earlier posts, the way in which George Carlin describes the Globalists and New World Order with such honesty, simple language and humour is just what we all need once in a while.

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