FBI Manufactured Muslim Terror Plots Breed Fear of Radical Islam

Occupy Corporatism
by Susanne Posel


The Federal Bureau of Investigations has created fake terrorist plots for decades. Referred to as “entrapment” cases, there is a growing concern within expert’s circles that the FBI never really has “actual terrorists” involved in their schemes.

Part of the entrapment motive is a central informant network that the FBI will delve into to extract their patsies. Paying 6 figure sums to the targeted individual, or promising the wipe their criminal history clean, these fishing expeditions lead to the eventuality of securing a “radical” to enact a plot devised by the assigned FBI recruiting agent.

A few years ago, the FBI incited a group of protesters to become violent by suggesting how to make improvised explosive devices (IEDs) and places they could “blow up”. Undercover FBI agents suggested “a big bridge” and so a terrorist plot, created by the FBI was eventually foiled with an arrest of all the protesters involved in the plot.

While mainstream media claimed that the FBI had stopped members of the Occupy movement from destroying a bridge and preventing potential deaths, it was an FBI informant that had come up with the plan, coerced the members into participating and swopped in to save the day.

Last year, a young man from India named Quazi Mohammad Rezwanul Ahsan Nafis was recruited by the FBI who assigned an agent to him and who invented a manufactured bomb plot involving the Federal Reserve Bank in New York.

After Nafis was given 1,000-pounds of ammonium nitrate and other materials to build an IED. Under watch of the FBI, Nafis assembled the IED at an undisclosed warehouse in New York. The FBI claim that Nafis attempted to detonate the “fake” bomb at a hotel, where he was taken into custody.

The “infiltrating” FBI agent brought Nafis to the warehouse in a van. Nafis allegedly told the agent that his first plan was to blow up the NY Fed. If he was unable to do so, he had a “Plan B”. After coercing from the FBI agent, Nafis also produced a written statement of his intentions where he said that Osama bin Laden was the justification for his impending actions.

The FBI agent made sure to create a video where Nafis admitted to his plans. This recorded statement was to be shown to the American public after the attack. Nafis was recorded on tape saying he wanted to “destroy America.” The FBI was careful to set up the necessary evidence to not only incriminate Nafis as a pasty, but also use the evidence to create a link between al-Qaeda and the nation of India.

Karen Greenberg, professor of law at Fordham University said that it is becoming apparent that “the target, the motive, the ideology and the plot were all led by the FBI” in these alleged foiled terroristic bomb plots. Where there was once a clear distinction between sting operations and the perpetrators, it has now because a common occurrence that the FBI will target the Muslim community with informants, engage in conversations of a radical Islamic nature and engage those identified as “targets” with the purpose of manufacturing a terrorist scheme they can stop right in the nick of time.

David Bukai, professor of political science at the University of Haifa in Israel asserts that the problem is mainly the Muslim Brotherhood “who took advantage of Egypt and Tunisia.”

Bukai explains that by using manufactured non-violent resistance to topple governments, there is a lack or order and out of this chaos comes al-Qaeda.

In conjunction with the US State Department, the Obama administration has been recruiting Muslims to work for the federal government “as Foreign Service officers representing the United States in one of 265 American embassies, consulates and diplomatic missions worldwide.”

The excuse of this development is to improve relations between the US government and other nations throughout the world.

At a Muslim American Society (MAS) and the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) sponsored seminar, Mark Ward, deputy special coordinator in the State Department’s Office of Middle East Transition, spoke to members of groups that have “known ties to radical Islam”.

MAS are a non-profit organization founded in 1993 to reform the Islamic revival. They define jihad as a “divine legal right” of Muslims and are closely tied to the Muslim Brotherhood.

ICNA and MAS have been involved with the Muslim Brotherhood with the MAS having a chapter headquarters in Egypt, as stated by the Investigative Project.

During the manufactured protests over the anti-Muslim film, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), under their National Terror Alert Response Center (NTARC) had issued a threat warning entitled, “Egyptian-Iranian Intelligence Meeting Prompts Fears of a New Middle East Terror Axis.” The DHS have declared the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) as working with Iranian spies. Being a deniable asset, the MB have become what al-Qaeda were 11 years ago – the latest US-created terrorist group who will be the catalyst that propels America into Fascist control.

Obama had members of the MB over for dinner and drinks back in June of this year; as well as sent $1.5 billion in “foreign aid” as a celebratory gift to Morsi’s newly elected government.

Despite much ridicule, Congresswoman Michele Bachmann accused Huma Abedin, aide to Hillary Clinton US Secretary of State, as being an infiltrated spy for the MB. Bachmann says that the US government has been compromised by the MB and Abedin is working for “America’s demise”.

Bachmann, believing that there is an influential Islamic element in the US government, has written requests for information in the MB. This “deep penetration” into the US government was addressed in Bachmann’s speech at the Washington summit of Christians United for Israel, a pro-Zionist group masquerading as an evangelical support for Israel. Bachmann spoke to the audience about the ties between Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Bachmann pointed out that Abedin has “routine access to [Clinton] and policymaking.”

The MB, established in 1928, has had the recent uprisings (such as the Arab Spring) attributed to its movement. These uprisings have set the perfect circumstances for previously unrealized political opportunities.

Through the agendas of the MB, Egyptian politics could more easily be controlled. The MB has only now sent representatives out across the world with the intention of gaining international support.

The MB has also focused their attempts to usurp the political arena in Libya, where they are an important political influence as a vigilant oppositional force to the current regime.

This new alliance between Obama’s foreign policy including the MB, is obviously propaganda to cover the purpose of their presence in Arab nations that just happen to experience uprisings and revolutions that topple their government or force a regime change.

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