UN Climate Summit Reaches Deal for Radical Treaty by 2015

The New American
by Alex Newman

Following two weeks of theatrical United Nations “climate-change” negotiations in Warsaw, Poland, almost 200 governments and dictators purporting to speak for humanity eventually inked a deal at the last moment. Vowing to adopt a planetary treaty set to be finalized in 2015, the “climate dignitaries” pledged to give themselves and the UN more power and more money, all at humanity’s expense, to supposedly fight alleged global warming. They all dutifully celebrated their purported accomplishments, too.

Critics of the climate hysteria and the UN summit, though, were left confused — especially considering the spectacular implosion of the UN’s global-warming theories, which is still accelerating as some experts even predict an upcoming cooling period. Despite the fact that “global warming” actually stopped more than 16 years ago — in the process obliterating the credibility of every single one of the 73 debunked “climate” models used by the UN — the assembled government representatives claimed their deal was needed to save the world from alleged “man-made climate change.”

Top scientists, meanwhile, continued to ridicule the tax-funded climate alarmists throughout the spectacle. Still, negotiators in Warsaw worked in their bubble, seemingly detached from reality and the outside world where 50,000 protesters gathered in opposition to the machinations, to wage more war on freedom and sovereignty — all of it under the guise of fighting against the essential-to-life gas carbon dioxide.

Despite being outlandishly referred to as “pollution” by the UN and its allies, CO2 is exhaled by humans and necessary for plant life. On top of that, human emissions of CO2 account for a mere fraction of one percent of all “greenhouse gases” in the atmosphere — though there is no question that the ringleaders of the climate-alarmism machine have an outsized “carbon footprint” when compared with everyday people. 

In the end, participants at the UN global-warming summit — power-hungry UN bureaucrats, bloated Western powers desperate for carbon taxes, and ruthless Third World dictators hoping for more “climate” loot — agreed to the basic “principles” that will guide their 2015 “climate” treaty. Among the key components of the UN scheme will be the transfer of huge sums of wealth from Western taxpayers to Third World despots under the guise of “loss and damage,” one of the myriad largely meaningless terms tossed out at the UN summit to justify the extortion.

Hoping to replace the 1997 Kyoto Protocol with an even more radical global-warming regime, climate negotiators also agreed that the national governments and dictators they represent — all under UN guidance, of course — would have to accelerate their assaults on economic freedom and prosperity to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide. Western governments will have to crack down the hardest, negotiators agreed, but even poor countries impoverished largely by corrupt and autocratic rulers will have to perpetuate the poverty as well. If the UN gets its way, CO2 emissions will eventually be rationed as part of a “carbon budget” for humanity.   

On Saturday, the last day of the global-warming confab, a spokesman for UN boss Ban Ki-moon celebrated the outcome. “The decisions adopted in Warsaw serve as an important stepping stone toward a universal legal agreement in 2015,” the spokesman said, referring to the date when the UN hopes to have its “climate” regime approved at a summit in Paris. “The Secretary-General welcomes the decision by Parties to intensify immediate actions to fight climate change and to come forward with their national contributions to the agreement well before its finalization in 2015.”

If the alarmists at the UN and its member governments get their way, the draconian “global-warming” treaty replacing Kyoto would go into effect by 2020. All of the “commitments” on CO2 reductions are supposed to be announced ahead of the Paris conference. Citing the UN’s debunked theories, however, Ban’s spokesman claimed “much more” must be done over the next two years to achieve “the ambitious agreement” that he claims is “necessary” to keep global temperatures from rising more than two degrees.

“To further increase global ambition and advance concrete climate action, the Secretary-General looks forward to hosting a Climate Summit in September 2014,” said the tax-funded mouthpiece for the planetary entity’s chief. According to the statement, the UN boss is also calling on “world leaders” — as well as business, finance, local government, and “civil society” bosses — to bring “bold announcements and actions” to the next global-warming summit.

The supposed goal, the statement continued, is to have “significantly reduced greenhouse gas emissions” and stepped-up efforts at “adaption and resilience” to global warming. Apparently the UN boss never got the memo, or he may have ignored it, but even temperature data gathered from the world’s premier alarmist institutions show that “global warming” stopped more than a decade and a half ago. Whether it will begin rising again remains unclear. For now, alarmists mostly cite what critics call the “Theory of ‘The Ocean Ate My Global Warming’” to explain the fact that temperatures have not risen in accordance with UN theories and models.

However, the UN’s climate czar, Christiana Figueres, explained last year that the real goal of the global-warming agreement was actually the “complete transformation of the economic structure of the world.” Individual liberty, free markets, national sovereignty, and more will all have to go, the UN has admitted on numerous occasions, using everything from poverty to now-discredited global warming theories to justify the assaults on humanity.       

Surrounded by largely tax-funded “activists” with “non-governmental” outfits screaming for “climate justice” and other nonsensical demands, the delegates in Warsaw were seemingly able to ignore the imploding of the “science” underpinning the theories. Instead of the real issue of crumbling “science,” for example, one of the staged “controversies” that received the most press throughout the UN summit was the laughable demands of Third World dictators for trillions of dollars’ worth of climate reparations.

In essence, when their regimes’ demand for $100 billion annually from Western taxpayers to start with was not immediately accepted, negotiators representing more than 130 tin-horn autocrats and governments ruling poorer nations walked out in a made-for-the-media charade. In the end, representatives purporting to speak for wealthier, freer nations capitulated, promising to hand over “increasing levels” of the climate loot being demanded on the road to securing a global treaty.  

The establishment media, of course, continued to cover for participants in the spectacle. For example, the press, as usual, deceptively referred to participants throughout the UN summit as “countries” — as if Zimbabwe’s Marxist regime of Robert Mugabe or the cruel self-styled god-man enslaving the people of North Korea or the mass-murdering genocidal maniac ruling Sudan or any number of ruthless autocrats whose minions attended the UN meeting could be characterized as “nations.”

Another key deception parroted by the media was the notion that human CO2 emissions contributed to the typhoon that recently struck the Philippines — an unscientific fraud that even the UN’s own discredited science rejected. Critics of the UN summit, though, lambasted the deception and hysteria, making a mockery of what more than a few experts have called the “fraud” being perpetrated by governments and international bureaucrats.

“There’s a level of deep exploitation going on, and the UN is allowing this and media is feeding this, as if a UN treaty is going to prevent future super-typhoons from hitting,” noted prominent climate skeptic Marc Morano, who runs Climate Depot and has been among the key players exposing the UN’s imploding theories. “This is supposed to be the modern age,” he continued during a press conference at the summit, ridiculing the notion that policy measures could change the climate as being akin to “medieval witchcraft.”

Still, even the wildly alarmist UN “Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change” acknowledged in its latest error-packed global warming report — promptly ridiculed by top scientists and experts worldwide — that human CO2 emissions are almost certainly not responsible for cyclones. Top UN bosses apparently never bothered to read the entity’s own report, perhaps aware of its unscientific silliness. Instead, all of them harped on the latest typhoon as an allegedly compelling reason to further centralize power at the UN while accelerating the assault on prosperity worldwide.

Morano also slammed the discredited UN IPCC — which has been rejected as a “laughingstock” and “hilarious” even by many of its own scientists who have resigned in disgust over the years — as a “front” for international bureaucrats. “They don’t want you to know that these are political statements issued by a small group of scientists and designed to create the illusion of consensus,” he said, echoing concerns expressed by countless experts — including many who have served on the UN body.

Praising the new Australian government’s rejection of carbon taxes and what authorities called UN “socialism masquerading as environmentalism,” Morano also reportedly said the U.S. government would follow Australia’s lead once the climate alarmist in chief, Obama, was safely away from the levers of power. Credible polls consistently show that the majority of Americans reject the UN’s global-warming theories and put alleged climate change close to the bottom in terms of issues of concern.

With the UN’s climate theories increasingly becoming punch lines of jokes, however, analysts say that the extremist establishment behind the global-warming treaty machinations has no plans to give up on its plot to foist a new agreement on the world. While experts say the U.S. Senate is unlikely to adopt any economy-destroying treaties at the moment, critics of the UN alarmism say the broader fight against bogus science being used to implement tyranny must be stepped up if liberty and sanity are to prevail.

The New American