9/11 Plus Thirteen, A Decline Into Madness

New Eastern Outlook
by Gordon Duff

2342342Another anniversary of 9/11 has just passed. The media inside the US has been inundated with a flurry of Islamophobic missives with contrived conspiracy theories custom designed to resell a narrative no rational person accepts. The US backing for Al Qaeda in Syria exposed that organization for what it really is and always has been, a CIA front.

The US opposition to ISIS is no longer allowed to use the term “Al Qaeda” as that term is now used only for US backed groups. If only this were more confusing, in fact, the public seems to have fallen in line with this “new think” quite seamlessly.

Censorship and controlled news is nothing new. What is new is application of “chaos theory,” a subset of “game theory warfare,” waged by nations through intelligence agencies but, more curiously and far more dangerously, by “guns for hire,” in the employ of what American President John F. Kennedy called “secret societies,” groups intent on promoting an agenda that clearly involves orchestrating history itself.

By this, we don’t just mean events, false flag terrorism, global tensions raised and lowered on command to manipulate financial markets, but creating a bizarre mythology of conspiracy theory and improbable fiction that challenges the nature of reality itself.

We are involved in a planetary war only a select few are aware of, virtual armies involved in “psychological warfare,” false flag terrorism staged using “after next generation” weapons, cover ups and deflected blame served by billion dollar computer game software, “crisis actors” and an endless stream of manufactured boogeymen, “Al Qaeda,” or “ISIL” and “Boko Harum,” primitive and untrained, performing magic on command while drowning in cash, satellite telephones and social media exposure.

It is more than simply lying about the news or editing history books. Documents released over the past few months reveal that scientific discoveries over the past century have been misconstrued, suppressed or pushed into a parallel world where emerging technologies that threaten the “old guard” are restricted to “the elites.”

Our direction today is not so much in challenging “conventionialized” science and technology but rather that “pure science” has left us the clearest trail, helped identify not only the culprits involved in some false flag terror but has provided us the only remaining “hard facts,” real math, real science, where, though perhaps only clearly understood by small numbers, evidence of a planet altering conspiracy has now proven unchallengeable.

The best source of this evidence, part of a movement begun by men like Richard Dolan and Pete Lavender, whose lectures on suppressed technology have developed a cult following. Decades of suppressing technologies, from undetectable nuclear weapons to mind control, as emboldened “actors” into a feeling of ultimate power and confidence.

Thus, disappearing airliners, earthquakes, tsunamis, nuclear “accidents,” mysterious mass killings and atypical behavior of diseases perhaps should be examined as a commonality, rather than an endless series of coincidences.


In 2011, at the G20 Summit at Cannes, the following conversation was overheard by more than a dozen members of the press and later published by CNN:

“I can’t stand him. He’s a liar,” Sarkozy said of Netanyahu, according to the website.

Obama replied, “You’re tired of him; what about me? I have to deal with him every day,” the site reported.

Arret Sur Images (“Freeze Frame”) said journalists had listened in on the conversation but had agreed not to report it. The Reuters and Associated Press news services confirmed that report Tuesday.

The issue isn’t just about Netanyahu, to this day a “running joke” after his performance in front of the United Nations General Assembly with his Iranian bomb cartoons, less funny after the recent Gaza genocide.

Today, we’re going to look at the “5th column” also called “the fourth estate.”

This year it was the 13th anniversary of 9/11. Over the last 13 years much has been learned. Most of those involved in the 2005 9/11 Commission long ago admitted their work was a farce. However, the real revelations, including the report Snowden leaked while in Russia, have been buried beneath “semi-official” conspiracy theories or outright censored.

When Snowden leaked the real report, the use of stolen nuclear weapons, an investigation classified at the highest levels when it led right back to the White House, it wasn’t just the mainstream media that refused to print it and ignored it when it was leaked on the internet.

Even when confirmed by top nuclear scientists and UN investigators involved who submitted their investigation notes, personal photographs and detailed the threats used to silence them, this was not only censored from the mainstream media but something even stranger happened.

Activist groups, strangely over-financed “fear porn” websites, radio and TV hosts, and what we now know to be a stream of orchestrated phony whistle blowers were clearly activated by “handlers.” What was exposed was a mechanism for deception few knew existed.

The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.”

Vladimir Ilich Lenin’


Perhaps the best evidence of Lenin’s insightful observation is seen in today’s “opposition.” Our first and perhaps most blatant group are the “anti-imperialists.”

In a world with centuries of colonial exploitation, class warfare and the growth of political, social and philosophical movements, primary among these the teachings of Karl Marx, the attraction to standing against “monolithic capitalism” attracts many. Little do they know they are also “easy targets” for infiltration.

Long a “wild card,” considered uncontrollable, the anarchists and syndicalists groups Orwell wrote about in Homage to Catalonia, were quickly extinguished during the Spanish Civil War, not by Franco’s legions but by their own allies, the “pure Marxists” who considered them a greater threat than the Fascists.

Anti-imperialism,” as it was then, is now, controlled, orchestrated, hierarchical and a cynical farce. The “pure heart” of anti-imperialism is Zionism, steeped in millennia old “hokum” of Talmudic “master race” theology.

Anti-imperialists are controlled opposition. Steeped in conspiracy and “compartmentalization,” the most well-meaning anti-imperialists are unknowingly marshalled in order to quell progressive social movements that challenge oligarchical policies.

Author William Peter Blatty, in his book, The Exorcist,” or perhaps it was Fr. Malachi Martin, former Vatican Secretary of State, pointed out that when you reach out into the world of the supernatural, there is only one voice that answers, that voice is invariably demonic. For the anti-imperialist, the “unseen hand” is always the same, call it “Wall Street” or the “Illuminati,” a dozen names, the same face, the same manicured nails, the same Italian shoes, the world of the country club and the circles of material power, life and death, history created and erased by a ruling class of the least able, least deserving and the endless armies of underlings that give us the world we have today.

Their origins are historically complex, mercantilism, the Church of Rome, Freemasonry, “bloodline” nobility or, more recently, that perfect blend of crime cartels and intelligence agencies. Their purpose is clear, enslavement, control, tyranny and debasement of mankind, unaccountable, free from the fetters of philosophy or intellect, all consuming, “emptiness” personified.

We call them “the right.”

9-11_Truth_1No other group has learned to “be the opposition” like them. When ISIS cuts off a head, “the right” bought the knife. When a planeload of jihadists leave the Manila airport for Ankara, “the right” shepherd them onto the plane, no visa, no ticket, sometimes a bomb in their underwear just for holidays.

Money is never a problem when manipulating financial markets, orchestrating endless conflicts, peddling narcotics, trafficking in human slavery or human organs, gambling and even religion, all of these and more are their domain. Everything and everyone that can be bought, that is deemed worth owning, is bought, everything “for sale” that is.

The ongoing coalition between “the right” and their supposed enemies, a “marriage of convenience,” the great “always delayed” class war, provides a rationale for anything.

The right” is the other side of the Janus coin, the 2nd face of the anti-imperialists. Anti-imperialists derail human progress from within while “the right” is less subtle. They bludgeon history, race hatred, class envy, ethnic rivalries, in the name of “family values.”

What has changed is that, of recent years, the game theory warriors have instilled a “new age” persona, phony cancer cures, magic sex “supplements” and “libertarianism,” formerly a legitimate political movement, hijacked and repackaged.

America is inundated with organizations of this kind, some well know, hundreds “one man” operations, all “fronts” for security services and police agencies, aiding in surveillance operations or infiltrating activist groups. All are mysteriously funded, all peddle conspiracy theories but, at key times, spout “party line” when called upon.

A classic example of the position these groups and/or individuals play was seen yesterday on the 13th anniversary of 9/11. With years of evidence presenting the public with frightening revelations of 9/11 as false flag nuclear terrorism perpetrated by factions decades old, by many credited with the assassination of President John Kennedy, “would be” conspiracy theorists upon “orders from above” generated the same tired lies, Arabs and box cutters, airliners passing through buildings as though they were clouds or an imaginary form of “magic dust” that dissolves buildings but is harder to find than a flawless 50kt diamond at the city dump.

There is always a common denominator, a leader with ties to powerful crime families, generally the old “Yiddish Mafia,” made up from the marriage between Meyer Lansky’s gambling operation, Lucky Luciano’s “Murder Incorporated” and the Bush crime family. Add international arms dealer Victor Bout into the mix and this is the organization responsible for the theft and modification of the nuclear demolitions used on 9/11 according to the 2003 Department of Energy Report and sources at the International Atomic Energy Agency.

Stripping America

A repackaging of the restructuring of American under “Reaganomics,” economic voodoo based on endless public debt, a free ride for the rich, unbridled fraud in every economic sector, destruction of the middle class, exported manufacturing and high tech jobs, came out of a group led by purported economist David Stockman and a group at the Treasury Department. The result of Reaganomics was a crash in America’s standard of living, an irreversible plunge into debt and an end to advances in social justice, class mobility and individual attainment.

While some extremist elements credit those around Reagan as a 5th Column tasked with making America a Zionist vassal state, there is little doubt, as history has inexorably shown, that the Reagan military buildup that bankrupted America was only intended to serve Israeli interests.

On December 10, 2010, Congressman Ron Paul of Texas, citing information provided by Wikileaks, informed congress that President Bush (41) had in fact authorized Iraqi President Saddam Hussein to move troops into Kuwait, a cynical and treasonous act that has led to nearly continual warfare, the deaths of millions and the virtual collapse of the world economy.

What Reagan did and Clinton tried to reverse, the coup of 2000, orchestrated by a combination of crime syndicates and radical Zionists, would exceed even the nightmarish hell Reagan had wrought. At the end of the Reagan presidency 12 of his top officials were pardoned, including a Secretary of Defense, for crimes as minor as perjury but typically plea bargains to avoid the original charges, invariably “treason.”

What was then openly perceived as class warfare, stressing the exploitation of traditional hostilities, North against South, something far more powerful than can ever be explained, white against black, rural against urban, the ignorant against the educated, and, even more frighteningly, a move sweeping America, a religious fanaticism based on cheap theatre, race hatred and bizarre mythology out of a combination of comic books and science fiction/horror.

We call this “Christian Evangelism” or “Christian Zionism,” a 35 million member apocalypse death cult, rooted in Satanic worship, that has dominated Washington politics through child sex blackmail rings and America’s military through a brainwashing or mind control campaign at the military service academies.

The result has been a congress willing to vote away constitutional rights, authorize insane wars and a military willing to use illegal destructive devices, including up to 50 advanced tactical nuclear weapons, in what they openly admit to be a religious crusade.

Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War that has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades and consulted with governments challenged by security issues. He’s a senior editor and chairman of the board of Veterans Today, especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.

New Eastern Outlook

The U.S. Government Is Borrowing About 8 Trillion Dollars A Year

The Economic Collapse
by Michael Snyder

National Debt - Public DomainI know that headline sounds completely outrageous.  But it is actually true.  The U.S. government is borrowing about 8 trillion dollars a year, and you are about to see the hard numbers that prove this.  When discussing the national debt, most people tend to only focus on the amount that it increases each 12 months.  And as I wrote about recently, the U.S. national debt has increased by more than a trillion dollars in fiscal year 2014.  But that does not count the huge amounts of U.S. Treasury securities that the federal government must redeem each year.  When these debt instruments hit their maturity date, the U.S. government must pay them off.  This is done by borrowing more money to pay off the previous debts.  In fiscal year 2013, redemptions of U.S. Treasury securities totaled $7,546,726,000,000 and new debt totaling $8,323,949,000,000 was issued.  The final numbers for fiscal year 2014 are likely to be significantly higher than that.

So why does so much government debt come due each year?

Well, in recent years government officials figured out that they could save a lot of money on interest payments by borrowing over shorter time frames.  For example, it costs the government far more to borrow money for 10 years than it does for 1 year.  So a strategy was hatched to borrow money for very short periods of time and to keep “rolling it over” again and again and again.

This strategy has indeed saved the federal government hundreds of billions of dollars in interest payments, but it has also created a situation where the federal government must borrow about 8 trillion dollars a year just to keep up with the game.

So what happens when the rest of the world decides that it does not want to loan us 8 trillion dollars a year at ultra-low interest rates?

Well, the game will be over and we will be in a massive amount of trouble.

I am about to share with you some numbers that were originally reported by CNS News.  As you can see, far more debt is being redeemed and issued today than back during the middle part of the last decade…


Redeemed: $7,546,726,000,000

Issued: $8,323,949,000,000

Increase: $777,223,000,000


Redeemed: $6,804,956,000,000

Issued: $7,924,651,000,000

Increase: $1,119,695,000,000


Redeemed: $7,026,617,000,000

Issued: $8,078,266,000,000

Increase: $1,051,649,000,000


Redeemed: $7,206,965,000,000

Issued: $8,649,171,000,000

Increase: $1,442,206,000,000


Redeemed: $7,306,512,000,000

Issued: $9,027,399,000,000

Increase: $1,720,887,000,000


Redeemed: $4,898,607,000,000

Issued: $5,580,644,000,000

Increase: $682,037,000,000


Redeemed: $4,402,395,000,000

Issued: $4,532,698,000,000

Increase: $130,303,000,000


Redeemed: $4,297,869,000,000

Issued: $4,459,341,000,000

Increase: $161,472,000,000

The only way that this game can continue is if the U.S. government can continue to borrow gigantic piles of money at ridiculously low interest rates.

And our current standard of living greatly depends on the continuation of this game.

If something comes along and rattles this Ponzi scheme, life in America could change radically almost overnight.

In the United States today, we have a heavily socialized system that hands out checks to nearly half the population.  In fact, 49 percent of all Americans live in a home that gets direct monetary benefits from the federal government each month according to the U.S. Census Bureau.  And it is hard to believe, but Americans received more than 2 trillion dollars in benefits from the federal government last year alone.  At this point, the primary function of the federal government is taking money from some people and giving it to others.  In fact, more than 70 percent of all federal spending goes to “dependence-creating programs”, and the government runs approximately 80 different “means-tested welfare programs” right now.  But the big problem is that the government is giving out far more money than it is taking in, so it has to borrow the difference.  As long as we can continue to borrow at super low interest rates, the status quo can continue.

But a Ponzi scheme like this can only last for so long.

It has been said that when the checks stop coming in, chaos will begin in the streets of America.

The looting that took place when a technical glitch caused the EBT system to go down for a short time in some areas last year and the rioting in the streets of Ferguson, Missouri this year were both small previews of what we will see in the future.

And there is no way that we will be able to “grow” our way out of this problem.

As the Baby Boomers continue to retire, the amount of money that the federal government is handing out each year is projected to absolutely skyrocket.  Just consider the following numbers…

-Back in 1965, only one out of every 50 Americans was on Medicaid.  Today, more than 70 million Americans are on Medicaid, and it is being projected that Obamacare will add 16 million more Americans to the Medicaid rolls.

-When Medicare was first established, we were told that it would cost about $12 billion a year by the time 1990 rolled around.  Instead, the federal government ended up spending $110 billion on the program in 1990, and the federal government spent approximately $600 billion on the program in 2013.

-It is being projected that the number of Americans on Medicare will grow from 50.7 million in 2012 to 73.2 million in 2025.

-At this point, Medicare is facing unfunded liabilities of more than 38 trillion dollars over the next 75 years.  That comes to approximately $328,404 for every single household in the United States.

-In 1945, there were 42 workers for every retiree receiving Social Security benefits.  Today, that number has fallen to 2.5 workers, and if you eliminate all government workers, that leaves only 1.6 private sector workers for every retiree receiving Social Security benefits.

-Right now, there are approximately 63 million Americans collecting Social Security benefits.  By 2035, that number is projected to soar to an astounding 91 million.

-Overall, the Social Security system is facing a 134 trillion dollar shortfall over the next 75 years.

-The U.S. government is facing a total of 222 trillion dollars in unfunded liabilities during the years ahead.  Social Security and Medicare make up the bulk of that.

Yes, things seem somewhat stable for the moment in America today.

But the same thing could have been said about 2007.  The stock market was soaring, the economy seemed like it was rolling right along and people were generally optimistic about the future.

Then the financial crisis of 2008 erupted and it seemed like the world was going to end.

Well, the truth is that another great crisis is rapidly approaching, and we are in far worse shape financially than we were back in 2008.

Don’t get blindsided by what is ahead.  Evidence of the coming catastrophe is all around you.

The Economic Collapse

The Oil Head-Fake: The Illusion that Lower Oil Prices Are Positive

Zero Hedge
by Charles Hugh-Smith

The essence of the Oil Head-Fake Dynamic is the inevitable drop in oil price due to global recession will trigger disruption of the global oil supply chain.

I’ve described the dynamic of structural imbalances of supply and demand leading to lower prices for crude oil as the Oil Head-Fake: high global production (supply) continues while demand declines due to global recession, and the resulting imbalance of supply and demand triggers a major decline in price. But this drop is not positive; it’s a temporary response that triggers a variety of disruptive consequences.
There’s nothing fancy about a basic supply-demand pricing model; if the world is awash in crude oil and demand slides, price will eventually follow.

Everywhere I Look, I See Cheap Oil (May 12, 2010)

The interesting parts of the Oil Head-Fake Dynamic arise from the supply side, not the demand side. Demand for oil is famously inelastic, meaning that easy substitutes are not readily available, and the primacy of oil in the global economy insures a steady demand.
Yes, natural gas can be substituted for vehicles that have been converted to burn natural gas, coal can be converted into liquid fuels, gasoline/diesel vehicles can be scrapped and replaced with electric vehicles–but all of these substitutes require reworking not just the vehicles but the entire infrastructure of extracting and delivering liquid fuels (or sufficient quantities of electricity) to substitute for oil.
Even with natural gas production soaring due to the fracking revolution (a rise in production many doubt is sustainable), there isn’t enough natural gas being extracted to substitute for oil, except at the margins: the fuel being replaced with natural gas is coal.
While the Nazi war machine famously ran (at least partly) on liquified coal, fabricating enough plants to liquify coal in quantities large enough to substitute the new coal-based fuel for oil-derived fuels is non-trivial.
As for using electricity, all the electricity generated by alternative-energy sources such as solar and wind amount to a few percentage points of total energy consumption in the U.S. The percentage is higher in other nations (for example, Germany), but substituting alt-energy for oil-based fuels is not practical without massive, sustained capital investment in new energy production, delivery and distribution infrastructure.
Despite the relative inelasticity of oil demand, a significant percentage of oil consumption is discretionary: tourism is discretionary, and so are many single-passenger commutes. Keeping the lights on all night in empty buildings is discretionary. Some percentage of military training is discretionary. Driving every day to run one errand when all five errands per week could be accomplished in one trip is discretionary. Much of business travel is discretionary. Driving to a restaurant when a meal could be prepared at home is discretionary. Shopping for non-essentials is discretionary.
When jobs are lost and budgets are slashed, discretionary demand for oil craters.
The ebb and flow of discretionary demand is known as the business cycle of expansion and recession. Though the business cycle is considered the natural order of all economies, the current crop of Central Planners is convinced that their powers enable them to eliminate the business cycle, i.e. recessions are no longer a necessary feature of the credit cycle and everyone can enjoy permanent expansion of consumption, debt and risk.
History suggests the omnipotence of central banks is illusory, and their hubris will be rewarded with a recession that breaks the back of their interventions.
Even if you believe in the omnipotence of central banks, statistical reversion to the mean suggests recessions (declines in discretionary demand) have not been eliminated–they’ve just been pushed forward.
Several emerging features of the oil supply story complicate the supply-demand pricing model. In the classic model, as demand drops, price follows, and at some point it’s no longer profitable for high-cost producers to continue pumping oil. As a result, they cap their wells, cease extracting oil, and eventually supply drops to match demand and price stabilizes.
When demand recovers, price follows, and marginal production is brought back on line to meet rising demand. Price stabilizes as supply rises to meet demand.
So far so good, but as noted above, oil is not a commodity that can be replaced with a substitute, except at the margins.
Oil has another peculiarity: it isn’t distributed evenly around the world. Some nations-states have large reserves, others essentially none. Those with large reserves export some of their production to those with little or no oil.
Those nations with abundant oil often suffer from The Resource Curse:–due to the extraordinary wealth generated by their oil, the rest of their economy atrophies and their political/social structure is distorted by the oil wealth.
The atrophying of the non-oil economy and endemic corruption driven by oil wealth lead to societies and economies with few opportunities. The despots, monarchies and other Elites reaping the oil wealth keep a lid on this simmering social unrest with welfare. As their populations of non-Elites have exploded, the costs of placating the restive masses with social welfare have also exploded higher.
Domestic consumption of oil has also soared, along with population and as a result of subsidies that keep the cost of petrol absurdly low. What is nearly free is inevitably squandered, and with no price discipline, consumption has skyrocketed in oil exporting nations.
Another peculiarity is the easy-to-get oil was extracted first. This makes sense in terms of cost-benefit, and the inevitable result is the oil that’s left is more difficult to extract and process. This means the cost of producing a barrel of oil has risen from $1/barrel in the good old days to $40 or more in many exporting nations.
Add in graft, waste, distribution costs, taxes to fund social welfare programs, etc., and the break-even price for oil exporters is much higher than the production costs alone.
This sets up a contradictory set of requirements for oil exporters: oil exporters can only maintain their social spending and keep the regime afloat if oil prices stay elevated. When global recession guts demand and the price of oil tumbles, the exporter regimes are at risk of collapse if they can’t maintain social welfare spending.
The only way to offset lower prices is to pump more oil, which paradoxically pushes prices lower. This is a double-bind: if they cut production in the hopes that prices will stabilize, this enables their competitors to keep production high: prices won’t decline. But if they pump more to compensate, prices also decline.
Higher production costs mean any serious price decline makes production unprofitable at a higher threshold. Where it might have taken a decline to $40/barrel to squeeze marginal producers out, now the threshold might be closer to $60/barrel.
This means even modest declines in price soon trigger production cuts as marginal wells are capped and exploration/development of costly reserves are put on hold.
But since the supergiant oil fields responsible for most of the global production are in exporting nations, the dynamic of maintaining social control and regime stability outweighs declines in marginal production.
This set up a price decline spiral as marginal production is taken offline but supply doesn’t drop along with demand. The Resource Curse establishes a positive feedback loop: in the classic model, the feedback is negative: demand drops, price and supply follow, and price stabilizes as supply reaches equilibrium with demand.
But the Resource Curse is positive feedback: the lower price declines, the greater the need to compensate for lower revenues with higher production.
Meanwhile, the more price drops, the more marginal (costly) production is taken offline. This sets up the ideal conditions for a positive feedback on price: when demand recovers, supply will never be able to catch up.
It doesn’t take much imagination to discern a tipping point in oil revenues: once price declines enough that social welfare programs cannot be funded, some exporting nation regimes will be toppled by domestic instability. Others may become vulnerable to external forces. The point here is that production generally suffers mightily when regimes collapse and the Status Quo is disrupted.
Another peculiarity is that as the easy-to-get oil is depleted, the need for financial and human capital investment soars. It requires billions of dollars and vast expertise to maintain production, and exporting nations have typically made the choice to devote their scarce capital to social welfare and feathering the beds of Elites rather than investing billions of dollars to maintain their production capacity.
Add these dynamics up and we get a supply chain that is vulnerable to price declines and depletion of the cheap, easy-to-get oil. If supply is disrupted on multiple fronts–social, economic, physical–it will be incapable or rising to meet recovering demand after the forest-fire of global recession clears out the deadwood.
This sets up a new pricing dynamic: demand rises but supply does not, and prices continue higher without respite or any intrinsic limit. As I have noted before, a motorcycle deliveryman in India or China will pay $10/gallon for fuel because he only needs a few liters to conduct his business. The energy/price threshold of the American household with two gas-guzzling vehicles is considerably less resilient and adaptive: below a high level of consumption, the household ceases to function, and above a relatively low price, the household also ceases to function.
The essence of the Oil Head-Fake Dynamic is the inevitable drop in oil price resulting from a sharp decline in demand (i.e. global recession) will trigger disruption of the global oil supply chain that will eventually push prices higher than most currently think possible.
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Low Oil Prices: Sign of a Debt Bubble Collapse, Leading to the End of Oil Supply?

Via OfTwoMinds

Huge Plunge in Kindergartener’s Vaccination Rates: Officials Stumped

Natural Society
by Christina Sarich

vaccine unvaccinated kid crop 263x164 Huge Plunge in Kindergartener’s Vaccination Rates: Officials StumpedThe number of parents deciding not to vaccinate their children is growing at an alarming rate – at least according to officials who are now nonplussed at the waking of humanity.

Considering the quite ‘heavy’ vaccination schedules proposed by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), and American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP), parents should be refusing vaccinations. Since the 1950′s, the number of vaccines children under 6 are expected to obtain has grown by 414%. Apparently, at least Californian parents have had enough and are refusing to immunize their kindergarten-aged children.

Public health experts are saying that these refusals to have their children vaccinated (at a rate of half as often than just 7 years ago) is contributing to the re-emergence of measles across the state, and may lead to serious outbreaks of ‘other diseases.’ But this is nothing more than scare-mongering and the typical line of vaccination-pushers.

Actually, there are numerous studies which show that un-vaccinated children are far healthier than their vaccinated peers. Findings uncovered during one study looking at New Zealand’s children found that:

“. . . 92 percent of the children requiring a tonsillectomy operation had received the measles vaccination, indicating that the vaccination for measles may have made some of the children more susceptible to tonsillitis.”

The percentage of kindergartens in which at least 8% of students are not fully vaccinated because of personal beliefs has more than doubled as well, according to data on file with the state.

Health officials are not pleased with this trend since they believe in herd immunity, and since according to ‘experts,’ measles and whooping cough need at least 92% of kids immunized. The CDC is a big pusher of herd immunity, but as a direct result of vaccinations, mucosal immunity in children is very weak. This leads to more than one million children having to have tubes put in their ears every year due to Otitis Media or “glue ear.” It is a buildup of water in the ear, which requires this invasive medical procedure.

Despite herd immunity propaganda, there is no system of the human being, from mind to muscles to immune system, which gets stronger through avoiding challenges, but only through overcoming challenges.

Furthermore, it is a lie that disease will spread without vaccinations at a 95% rate. In truth, most states fail to meet the CDC’s goals of extending basic immunizations to 80% (not 95%) of children. Rates ran as low as 65% in Colorado in years past, and as low as 75% in Florida. This did not cause a sudden epidemic of measles, or flu, or whooping cough. Some experts suggest that herd immunity is a myth created by those who might profit from it,. It looks like many Californian parents agree, or at least are wary of vaccines in general.

“Five days a week, [children are] in their small classroom,” said Shannon Stokley, an epidemiologist at the National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases, part of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. “That’s the perfect conditions for spreading germs and spreading infections.”

What Stokley seems to disregard are the numerous other factors which can contribute to outbreaks.

Barbara Loe Fisher, president of the National Vaccine Information Centre, a consumer’s group based in Virginia, argues that vaccines are responsible for the increasing numbers of children and adults who suffer from immune system and neurologic disorders, hyperactivity, learning disabilities, asthma, chronic fatigue syndrome, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, and seizure disorders. She believes more studies to monitor the long-term effects of mass vaccination should be conducted. She wants physicians to be absolutely sure these vaccines are safe and not harming people.

Neil Z. Miller, vaccine investigator, points to the polio vaccine as an example. It is now responsible for every new polio case in the U.S.

Holly Blumhardt and her husband, Shannon, are part of a growing minority in Orange County and other affluent areas across the county: They do not vaccinate their children. She says:

“It is part of a larger philosophy. I think that we are very aware, from the foods that we eat, like being more organic, non-GMO . . . We just want to have the healthiest family that we can.”

California immunization rates have been dropping since the 1980s, but the recent drop in the past 7 years is a convenient excuse for health officials to claim for a disease that could have been caused by super bugs, environmental conditions like drought, and any number of other mitigating factors.

The trend is especially pronounced in Orange County, where the proportion of kindergartners with their full shots fell from 92.9% in 2003 to 89.3% in 2012, predominantly in the county’s wealthy beachfront communities. The county is also battling the state’s largest measles outbreak in recent memory: 22 cases.

The CDC blames anti-vaxers for the recent outbreak. Assistant surgeon general Dr. Anne Schuchat says:

“The current increase in measles cases is being driven by unvaccinated people, primarily U.S. residents, who got measles in other countries, brought the virus back to the United States and spread to others in communities where many people are not vaccinated.”

Within the report, however, was an admittance that unvaccinated missionaries returning from the Philippines were included in their data, where a measles outbreak of 20,000 reported cases resulted in 50 deaths.

“90 percent of all measles cases in the United States were in people who were not vaccinated or whose vaccination status was unknown. Among the U.S. residents who were not vaccinated, 85 percent were religious, philosophical or personal reasons.”

Even high antibody titers in people only convey a 68% chance of protecting against or delaying clinically manifest measles. In Africa, vaccination with the MMR-vaccine has reduced the diseases vaccinated against, but has doubled mortality rates in infants after a single dose.

California state law requires kindergartners to be vaccinated against measles, pertussis (whooping cough), polio, mumps, rubella, hepatitis B, chicken pox, diphtheria and tetanus.

Parents who claim immunization is against their personal beliefs can get exemptions. Some parents opt out of all the mandatory shots, while others allow students to get select vaccinations. There are also temporary and medical exemptions available.

Additional Sources:

Immunisation Advisory Centre



Natural Society

This Organic Oil Could Reduce DNA Damage from Eating GMOs

Natural Society
by Christina Sarich

olive oil food 263x165 This Organic Oil Could Reduce DNA Damage from Eating GMOsHave you eaten edamame (boiled green soybeans) lately? How about soy milk? If you haven’t dined on any obviously GMO-contaminated soy products, you likely have inadvertently consumed a few since they are lurking in hundreds of foods. Unfortunately, these GMO soy products may be causing some bodily harm. Have no fear, though. Researchers say that organic extra virgin olive oil may just be able to reduce the DNA damage caused by eating genetically modified foods.

team of researchers from the UK, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia, conducted research on rodents who were given both genetically modified soybeans and olive oil. They found that rodents who ate olive oil along with their GMO diet experienced less DNA damage in the spleen, compared with rodents who ate only GMO soy.

These results were obvious with soy specifically, but could possibly apply to almost any GMO crop grown. Both GMO corn and soy have been linked to numerous health problems including cancer, infertility, and premature death.

The study abstract reads:

“We investigated the effect of extra virgin (EV) olive oil and genetically modified (GM) soybean on DNA, cytogenicity and some antioxidant enzymes in rodents. Forty adult male albino rats were used in this study and divided into four groups. The control group of rodents was fed basal ration only. The second group was given basal ration mixed with EV olive oil (30%). The third group was fed basal ration mixed with GM (15%), and the fourth group survived on a combination of EV olive oil, GM and the basal ration for 65 consecutive days.

On day 65, blood samples were collected from each rat for antioxidant enzyme analysis. In the group fed on basal ration mixed with GM soyabean (15%), there was a significant increase in serum level of lipid peroxidation, while glutathione transferase decreased significantly. Interestingly, GM soyabean increased not only the percentage of micronucleated polychromatic erythrocytes (MPCE), but also the ratio of polychromatic erythrocytes to normochromatic erythrocytes (PEC/NEC); however, the amount of DNA and NCE were significantly decreased.

Importantly, the combination of EV olive oil and GM soyabean significantly altered the tested parameters towards normal levels. This may suggest an important role for EV olive oil on rodents’ organs and warrants further investigation in humans.”

Another effect observed was the normalization of normochromatic erythrocytes altered by GM soybean when olive oil was added to the rodents’ diet.

The researchers concluded:

We can conclude that adding EV [extra virgin] olive oil to the diet of rats appears effective in inhibiting oxidative damage and may act as a protective agent against chronic diseases such as liver fibrosis, hyperlipidemia and diabetes. In addition, EV olive oil may also have a protective function against carcinogenic processes. Further clinical studies are therefore required to determine whether the observations observed in our study translate to human conditions and illnesses.

The study was funded by the Deanship of Scientific Research (DSR) at King Abdulaziz University. This study could help spur others, since similar research has been concducted on how GMOs affect human DNA.

Studies in the UK, for example, have shown that pesticides produced by GM crops survive the digestion process in humans. A large 2012 Chinese study found that not only does plant microRNA survive, it causes human cell apoptosis. The genetic code for microRNA has been linked to diseases such as cancer, Alzheimer’s, and diabetes for over a decade.

Additional Source:


Natural Society

Apple, Google Encryption Moves Enrage FBI Director Comey

The New American
by Bob Adelmann

A week after smartphone makers Apple and Google announced software that now makes their phones impervious to government snooping, FBI Director James Comey expressed outrage, claiming that he could simply not understand why these two companies would “market something expressly to allow people to place themselves above the law.” He added: “There will come a day when it will matter of great deal to the lives of people … that we be able to gain access [to that private information].”  

Of course, such information is, or should be, protected under the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution.

What the new software means is that law enforcement officials will have to go back to the old way of investigating crime and turning up incriminating evidence. They will still be able to seek records of calls or texts from cellular carriers, eavesdrop on conversations and, based on the cell towers used, determine the general locations of suspects. They also will be able to access private data deliberately or unintentionally backed up on remote cloud services. And law enforcement agencies continue to have the capability of installing malicious software onto smart phones, turning them into virtual spies on the behavior of their owners.

On its website Apple noted: “Unlike our competitors, Apple cannot bypass your passcode and therefore cannot access this data. So it’s not technically feasible for us to respond to government [search] warrants for the extraction of this data from devices in their possession running [operating system] iOS 8.”

But both companies will still have the ability, and the legal responsibility, to turn over any user data stored elsewhere, such as on cloud services, which typically include backups of photos, videos, e-mail communications, and music collections. Users wishing to prevent law enforcement from going after that data will have to adjust their personal settings that block that data from flowing to the cloud.

Christopher Soghoian, a software technology expert for the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), was delighted about the new software:

This is a great move. Particularly after the Snowden disclosures, Apple seems to understand that consumers want companies to put their privacy first.

However, I suspect there are going to be a lot of unhappy law enforcement officials.

Another of those unhappy law enforcement officials is Ronald Hosko, a former investigator for the FBI, who labeled the encryptions by Apple and Google “problematic,” adding that it will make life more difficult for law enforcement to collect key evidence. He declared that “our ability to act on data [stored in these devices] is critical to our success” in preventing and solving crimes.

For more than three years, Google’s Android device has had encryption capability, although it was difficult to engage. In Android’s latest iteration, that encryption will now be enabled automatically right out of the box so that, as Android spokeswoman Nikki Christoff said, “You won’t even have to think about turning it on.”

These moves reflect a seismic groundswell of outrage against the federal government’s invasions of privacy which were first exposed by Edward Snowden, a computer professional who leaked classified information from the National Security Agency (NSA). Craig Timberg, writing in the Washington Post, called it “a part of a broad shift by American technology companies to make their products more resistant to government snooping” in the aftermath of the Snowden revelations.

It also makes largely redundant the Supreme Court’s unanimous decision in June, in Riley v. California, which concluded that “police generally may not, without a warrant, search digital information on a cell phone seized from an individual who has been arrested.” Writing for the unanimous court, Chief Justice John Roberts noted:

Modern cell phones are not just another technological convenience. With all they contain and in all they may reveal, they hold for many Americans “the privacies of life.” The fact that technology now allows an individual to carry such information in his hand does not make the information any less worthy of the protection for which the Founders fought.

He added:

The term “cell phone” is itself misleading shorthand; many of these devices are in fact minicomputers that also happen to have the capacity to be used as a telephone. They could just as easily be called cameras, video players, Rolodexes, calendars, tape recorders, libraries, diaries, albums, televisions, maps or newspapers.

Prior to that decision, law enforcement officials were able to use the doctrine of SITA — Search Incident To Arrest — a broad exception carved out of the Fourth Amendment allowing police to seize and download information from smart phones obtained during an arrest without the need for getting a search warrant in advance.

As this unbreakable encryption technology spreads across the vast array of Apple products and, more slowly, into Google’s previous iterations of its Android products, it will continue to reflect a groundswell of pushback against the surveillance state.

The National Security Agency, unfortunately, will be only slightly inconvenienced by either the Riley decision or the new technology announced by Apple and Google. NSA agents will continue to hoover citizens’ personal data and store it in vast digital warehouses for future use at their convenience. It’s going to take far more than encryption technology to protect Americans from the NSA.

Nevertheless, this decision is an important victory for privacy, even if it is not an all-important one.

The New American

Obama is Starting a New War in the Middle East

New Eastern Outlook
by Vladimir Simonov

34535345Something that was bound to happen has just happened. The US has realized the folly of air strikes against the positions of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, Washington is now ready to deploy ground troops against ISIL in Iraq. Thus, the United States sinks deeper into the mire of the Middle Eastern conflicts by starting an armed intervention in Iraq once again.

We are all well aware how the first one, that started back in 2003, ended. Americans have suffered devastating losses in manpower and spent hundreds of billions of dollars and all they’ve managed to achieve was the destruction of the Iraqi state. Then they fled, leaving nothing but devastation and civil war behind. This gave rise to a surge of Islamic radicalism that they are trying to strangle.

According to the Vice President of the Saladin Provincial Council, Jassim Mohammed Hassan al-Attiyah, some 13,000 US soldiers and their military vehicles are to arrive at Speicher base in the city of Tikrit. He also said that dozens of American military advisers had already been stationed there and that they were cordinating and supervising the operations against militants of the Islamic State. These troops are going to join the efforts of liberating Saladin province.

After all, ISIL militants have nothing in common with Saddam Hussein’s soldiers armed with outdated weapons and starved by international sanctions. A total of one hundred thousand troops has matured during the wars in Syria, Libya, and Afghanistan, they are proficient in fighting against regular armies, no matter how many warplanes and armored vehicles they have. And over the years the militants have been fighting both in the wilderness, and in large cities like Aleppo, so they had enough time to master the ways of guerrilla warfare, sabotage and terrorist acts. Moreover in the camps in Turkey and Jordan they have been instructed by the best experts you can find, including CIA and Pentagon trainers, along with veterans of Saudi and Qatari special forces. They know all right how to fight against American troops.

In addition, there’s several thousand citizens of the EU and the United States in the ISIL ranks, most of them have served in the armies of their home countries, so they are well aware of all the possible weaknesses of the NATO troops. So what Washington needs to do is to send at least 60 thousand soldiers to Iraq in order to have a fighting chance against ISIL, given that the Iraqi army is of little help for them. Great Britain along with a number of other NATO allies has already announced that it’s not going to deploy soldiers in Iraq. What NATO can actually do is to send several hundred of Ukrainians, Poles, Georgians, Australians and Estonians. It is possible that the military forces of the GCC countries will bring something to the table, although they will need a permission of Baghdad or a resolution of the UN Security Council. One cannot discount the possibility that the United States can try to use their troops in Syria to overthrow the regime of Bashar al-Assad.

But what could Obama have possibly done in this situation? Disgrace the state he leads by calling a retreat after a week of air strikes? This would have been an end of his political career and a heavy blow to the US authority throughout the world. In this situation, the US President even if it was against his will, was forced to embark on yet another military adventure. But one shouldn’t feel sorry for him — he has driven himself into a dead end by his unwillingness to cooperate in this fight with Russia, Iran and Syria. The blinders of American ideology have played a cruel joke with the US establishment. Now a Nobel Peace Prize laureate is starting a new aggression abroad!

Moreover, if Obama is going to send its troops into the Iraqi meat grinder, he should be aware of the fact that US troops will not be fighting ISIL militants alone, instead, they will face the majority of Iraq‘s population, whether Sunnis and Shiites, that has not forgotten the rude actions of the American army during the first occupation of their country. If the Americans are to land in Iraq, they will face a fierce opposition from all battle capable Iraqi forces. In particular, they can be engaged by the supporters of a popular Shiite imam Muqtada al-Sadr. Despite the fact that thousands of fighters loyal to him are fighting the Islamic State on the daily basis they may decide to oppose the Americans. Back in 2006-2009 Muqtada al-Sadr created a “Mahdi Army” that was successfully fighting American troops in Iraq, the latter suffered heavy losses due to their actions. And Iran, which supports Muqtada al-Sadr, is frustrated with the American military intervention in Iraq. After all, Washington de facto cuts Tehran from Baghdad in its struggle for Iraqi oil and gas, and American troops are going to appear near the borders of Iran. Needless to say the former Baathists and Saddam’s army officers are going in too.

There is another dangerous trendthe possibility of retaliation strikes against the US and a number of European countries that have joined the coalition, especially France and Great Britain, along with kidnapping and consequent murdering of their citizens in third countries. On September 25 Reuters reported, citing an official source in the Iraqi government, that local intelligence services are checking reports on the upcoming terrorist attacks in the Paris subway and in a number of cities across the United States. It’s been said that Iraqi officers have shared the information they had with their “partners”: CIA, DST, and MI6 . The main objective of the joint intelligence efforts was to find out how far the terrorists advanced in the preparation of their attacks, the source said. Earlier, on the eve of the regular session of the UN General Assembly, Prime Minister of Iraq, Haider al-Abadi told journalists that Iraqi intelligence revealed that attacks were being prepared by the militants of the Islamic State. Then there was a leak from the US intelligence about plans of another terrorist group — Khorasan — that was preparing a number of serious terrorist attacks on the US soil that should remind US citiznes of September 11, 2001.

In this situation, given Obama’s hostile attitude towards Russia and the sanctions the US had imposed on Russia due to the situation in Ukraine, Russia’s best interest is not to interfere in the Washington’s adventurous intervention and specifically not to participate in joint military operations in Iraq. Let Washington get stuck in the Middle East. Then they will not have the strength or the resources to continue their confrontation with Russia over Ukraine and the gas supplies to Europe. Moscow should take advantage of this situation by restructuring its economy and by eliminating its oil and gas dependency.

Vladimir Simonov, Middle East expert, Ph.D. in History, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”

New Eastern Outlook


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